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ANC Women`s League President, Angie Motshekga Address at Limpopo Prayer

ANC Women`s League President, Angie Motshekga Address at Limpopo Prayer

26 April 2014

Viva ANCWL Viva!!
Wathinta abafazi Wathinta imbokodo!!!
ANC Women`s League leadership and NEC members
Provincial leadership structures
Religious leaders and members of the religious fraternity.

And to all the women who have come to show their unwavering support to the ANC in the upcoming elections as well as those who have come to join hands in prayer with us today.

Let me start by greeting you all as we begin to wind down our election campaign that has seen us travel the length and breadthof this beautiful country as women committed ourselves to ensuring the mandate of the African National Congress is renewed on the 7th of May.

We launched our campaign on the 8th of March, international Women`s day inRustenburg, in the North West, the theme for this years international day says "Equality for women is progress for all", this theme is very relevant and rings very true. Since then we have been on a non stop, back to back campaign across the country.

We travelled to the Free State from there we took our campaign to Gauteng then moved onto the Western Cape, Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga. This week we have spent here travelling across the different regions and villages of Limpopo. There is one week left before elections that we will spend in the Eastern Cape.

What I have to say has been one of the most rewarding experiences of this campaign, has been the opportunity to engage with citizens of this country, many who have been able to share their good stories of the past 20 years of ANC government. Others raising concerns on issues that still effect then and giving the ANC advice as we move to take South Africa forward together.

I need to report to you that the types of issues we have encountered have been around infrastructure such as roads, they have been on issues of water provision and sanitation, around electrification, concerns around corruption and youth unemployment, moral decadence such as substance and alcohol abuse, the negative effects of grinding poverty.

The ANCWL have been able to identify and resolve some issues immediately while others we have committed to following up and giving the relevant communities feed back. I can proudly report that in N.Capewhere during the campaign we came across an elderly woman of 93 staying in a shack, from our members resources with support from the private sector, a house was built for her fully furnished.

I have been extremely proud to be able to share with people that most of the concerns people have raised are addressed in the ANC manifesto, and as the ANC we have committed to working faster and more efficiently to deliver on this Manifesto to ensure no community or individual is left out of the good story of South Africa.

The past five years, the current administration has been working hard to ensure a better life for South Africans. Anoticeable difference between the previous 2009 campaign and this campaign is the progress made in the fight against HIV and Aids.

I recall it was heart breaking visiting homes and literally seeing people dying. Last elections in many instances we were turned away because people who were sick did not want us to see us.

However there has most certainly been an about turn in this campaign and we can see our people are healthy and getting treatment if they need it.

This is something we can all be proud of and as we continue to make strides I the treatment of this disease we must not forget that there is still no cure. Please don`t takeunnecessary risks with you health. Be safe no matter what...

Another observation we have made is how in some instances tensions in communities hinder progress of those communities and we move forward we need to work harder together to get past those tensions.

When we launched this campaign in Rustenburg we gave assurances to the ANC SG that as we approached these elections the Women of the ANC Women`s League were 100% behind the ANC election campaign. We committed to release the mammoth and powerful election machinery of the Women`s League.

We are proud to report that we have delivered on this and from our interactions with South Africans on the ground we are confident the ANC will win with an over whelming majority.

Today we are here to join hands as South Africans in prayer. We have much to begrateful and thankful for.

We have been able to campaign freely and safely without fear of violence or intimidation. We are praying that this peace and stability continues throughout this election period and that the people of South Africa are armed with the knowledge to make the right decision on May 7th.

Informed by our 20 years of experience in government, we can confidently say that it is no longer a question of being ready to govern as we were in 1994 but were are more capable to govern. Our education commitments in the ANC manifesto are that we will continue to have education as our key priority because of our continued belief in education as critical to personal, societal and national benefits socially, economically and politically.

In the past five years we have made immense progress in the National Senior Certificate examinations where we have seen our matric results consistently improve year on year from 2009 where only 60.2% passed to 2013 where we achieved the highest results since democracy of 78.2%.

Comrades this is something we can be proud of. While we do still face some challenges we are confident we will continue to make the necessary progress to improve the system even more.

The ANC in its manifesto commits itself to further improve and expand education and training, by amongst other things making Grade R compulsory, (consolidating on the progress already made with regards to early childhood development.

We have been able to share the plans outlined in the NDP that talks to developinginfrastructure, creating jobs and growing the economy.
Another rewarding observation has been to see the progress of women in South Africa in just 20 years.

Elections for us women, is about our past, our present and the future. Cde as women in the ANC have no doubt that we don`t only have a GOOD STORY to tell but the BEST STORY TO TELL. Not only have our lives greatly improved for the better but ourvoices are being heard, our issues are on the table.

In recalling the history of South Africa and the triple fold struggle characterized by class, race and gender oppression saluted the struggles, which led us to democracy and paid tribute to our democratically elected government and gave recognition to the quantitative and qualitative achievements of our Democracy.

The ANC has indeed provided the space, which ensures the deepening of the struggles for women`s emancipation, by ensuring:

Access to decision making levels especially the political and the judicially.
Access to resources like clean water, sanitation and electricity.
Access to education and health.
Creation of an environment for the empowerment of women through a progressive constitution and the enactment of gender sensitive legislation as well as engendered policies.
Establishment of programmes, laws and the development institutionalised national machinery.

Our BEST STORY is that through the ANC as women, we have made advances and our lives have improved, the quality of our lives and status improved and laid a solid foundation to progressively change power relations laid.

Democracy has provided the voices of women and space to be heard on matters of concern to their lives, their wellbeing and that of society. Under the ANC there are qualitative changes in our lives particularly the attitudinal changes in the value structures within families and society.

Witnessing the impact of ANC policy in the lives or everyday South Africans 20 years later has been truly inspiring.

However, these intimate engagements with communities provide a unique opportunity to get in touch with individuals and interact in a way that as politicians and policy makers is extremely influential and brings to life the freedom charter, the people shall govern. It helps us shape our direction and we have been listening.

We have asked for a continued mandate to serve, and for the most part citizens have expressed that they want a government that listens to them, that knows them and that cares. That is the ANC government.

I Thank you!
Viva ANC Viva!
Power ANC!
Amandla !!




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