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ANCWL on the sixteen days of no violence against women & children program as presented by the secretary general of the, Cde Meokgo Matuba

ANCWL on the sixteen days of no violence against women & children program as presented by the secretary general of the, Cde Meokgo Matuba

24 November 2016

The President of the ANCWL, Cde Bathabile Dlamini
The Deputy President of the ANCWL, Cde Sisi Ntombela
The Treasure General of the ANCWL, Cde Maite Nkoana-Moshabane
The National Executive Committee Members of the ANCWL
The Provincial Leadership of the ANCWL in Gauteng
The regional leadership of the ANCWL in Johannesburg
The local structures of the ANCWL and the ANC respectively
Members of the media....

I greet you all

Firstly, allow me to commend the Department of Women under the ANC led Government on running a successful campaign annually in pursuit of curbing violence on women and children as espoused in the fundamental principles of the ANC of a non-violent, non-sexist and a prosperous South Africa. Since 1998, South Africa embarks on the 16 Days campaign against violence on women & children that commences on the 25th November which marks the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of violence against women and ends on the 10th December is the Human Rights Day. This period also includes Universal Children`s Day and World AIDS Day respectively. The campaign remains an essential tool in creating awareness on the negative impacts of violence on women and children.

Ladies & Gentlemen;

As the African National Congress (ANCWL) we have noted that violence against women and children is still rife in South Africa. As the ANCWL we have noted violent crimes which take place in these forms:

  • Physical violence in the form of domestic violence, terrible violent crimes such as murder, robbery, rape and assault in the victim`s homes & in society
  • Rape culture in institutions of higher learning and schools against young women and girl children

Comrades, let us note the terrible brunt on our democracy is the violence of poverty, starvation, humiliation and degradation, especially against women and children. Poverty, inequality and unemployment are conditions under which violence thrives.

The ANCWL has studied the 2015/2016 crime statistics released the by Minister of Police Honourable Nkosinathi Nhleko earlier in the year. Whilst we celebrate the decline in violent crimes, for us as the ANCWL one incident of crime is one too many as the victims of violence are human beings and at the most violence directly and indirectly affects women and children than man. For instance violent crimes such as murder destabilizes families and children are left as orphans with lifelong psychological scars and the majority of sexual offenses perpetrators are man than women.

As we appreciate the gradual decrease in crime against women & children, it is our firm believe that more needs to be done in relations to sex crimes, which includes sexual assault and rape. On sexual violance the stats indicates that Gauteng had 9510 cases , KZN 8947, Eastern Cape 8797, Western Cape 7130, Limpopo 4369, North-West 4164, Free-State 3928, Mpumalanga 3331 and Northern Cape 1719. In total there were 51895 reported cases. However this is not the accurate reflection on the number of sexual violence instances as it is only Stats on reported cases and it is common knowledge that there are victims who are not reporting cases due to various reasons ranging from safety, economic reasons etc. It is our conviction that one of the key drivers of sexual violence in particular against women is entrenched patriarchy and gender disparities in our society. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that the rights of women are respected as equal citizens. That responsibility cannot be relegated to women alone. The struggle of women is a societal struggle and must be embraced by all.

The ANCWL calls for the ANC government to strengthen the State Institutions to deal with violence against women and children by:

  1. Reinforcing SAPS family violence, child protection and sexual offences Investigations units by allocating enough resources for them to be more effective.
  2. Fast-tracking the establishment of sexual offences court country-wide. In the 2014/15 financial year, Justice and Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha indicated that government was to establish 106 sexual offences courts over a period of 10 years, as part of the country`s drive to combat crimes against women and children. We call for government to fast-track this process and complete it before a 10yr period.
  3. Enacting laws that will enable the Courts to institute long sentences to perpetrators of sexual offences.
  4. Strengthening witness protection programs.

Ladies & Gentleman

The ANCWL is determined that to fight the scourge of violence against women and children. We invite all South Africans to join in on the struggle against violence on women and children; consequently we have adopted the Government theme of "Moving a Non Violent South Africa Forward". As the ANCWL we have put together a nationwide program to rally society in acknowledging that violence against women and children is NOT a government or criminal justice system problem, but a societal problem, and that failure to view it as such results in all efforts failing to eradicate this scourge in our communities. The ANCWL program for 16 Days of No Violence on Women & Children is planned as follows:

1. 16 Days Campaign Launch

On the 25th November all 54 regions of the ANCWL will be launching the 16 Days of No Violence against Women & Children campaign. Provinces will urge society to support the campaign by wearing the white ribbon during the 16-day period which is symbolises of peace and symbolises the commitment of the wearer to never commit or condone violence against women and children.

2. Information Sharing with Girl Learners

Yesterday afternoon we engaged with girl learners between grade ten and twelve to educate them on their rights as young women, the effects of gender based violence, how to prevent violence and what to do when violated. The engagements were robust and we determined to continue conscientising young women on gender based violence.

3. Women Manyano Prayer

The ANCWL Tshwane Region will be hosting a prayer session in Winterveld which is scheduled for this afternoon. The purpose of the program is lobbying the interfaith denominations to join the fight against GBV.

4. House Handover to a 1956 Veteran

The year 2016 marks the 60 Years of the Women`s March and the 98 Years of Women Struggles, as the ANCWL we found it befitting to highlight the role women played in the struggle for freedom and celebrate the iconic women who fought for the rights of women. Central in the campaign will be to acknowledging the women who marched against the pass system as they took women struggles through to the democratic, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa with the gender sensitive policies that protect us today. Comrades today "We are, Because They Were" in that spirit we will hand over a house to Mme Dikatse Agnes Kgasi. She is a stalwart of the ANCWL and is one of the twenty thousand women who marched to the union buildings against pass laws 60 years ago. The leadership of the ANCWL will handover a house in Winterveld in Tshwane on Monday the 28th November at 10 am.

5. Gender Based Violence Awareness Campaign

In the North West Province the ANCWL will run a gender based violence awareness campaign 0n the 28th November in Ratlou, Mahikeng.

6. Community Dialogue

The ANCWL will engage communities through a dialogue on violence against women and children. The dialogue will take place on the 28th November 2016 in Joubert, in North West Province.

7. North West NEC/ PEC Road Show

On the 30th November 2016 the National Executive Committee of the ANCWL will commence a road show in all regions within the North West Province.

8. Candle Light Ceremonies

On the 1st December we will mark the international AIDS day with candle light ceremonies all across the Mpumalanga Province. All regions of the ANCWL will light candles and pray for the AIDS pandemic in our country at the same time in different venues.

9. Regional Peaceful Marches

On the 10th December we will embark on regional peaceful marches all across Mpumalanga Province. Each region of the ANCWL will participate in the program from their regions simultaneously.

10. International Human Rights Days

The 10th December marks the International Human Rights Day and violence on women & children is a violation of their human rights. They day subsequently closes the campaign against violence on women and children. The ANCWL will utilise this opportunity to call on society to convert the 16 Days campaign into a 365 days activity.

The SAPS has indicated that over 2 million charges laid at police stations last year were reported by the communities as opposed to being detected by police. The ANCWL appreciates the openness from the SAPS in highlighting the limitations of dealing with violence without the support of the communities. The fact that the responsibility of fighting violent crimes is a responsibility of all citizens cannot be emphasised enough. The ANCWL calls members of the society to be involved in the crime prevention forums established to combat crime in our communities.

As a society we must work towards a crime free society where we live in peace and harmony with each other irrespective of age, gender and sexual orientation etc.

We also urge you colleagues from the media to participate in the campaign against violence on women & children. Please join in on the activities of the ANCWL in fighting this societal ill. Let us move together towards a violence free South Africa. Be counted and pledge your support against violence.


Issued by the ANCWL
Cde Toko Xasa
082 652 3131

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