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Statement on the five year remembrance of the Marikana incidents

Statement on the five year remembrance of the Marikana incidents

10 August 2017

The African National Congress Women`s League (ANCWL) remembers the labour unrest that began on the 10th August 2012 at Lonmin Mine- Marikana which resulted into workers losing their lives and some badly injured. The fight for the living wage resulted in many women being widows and left children orphaned. Sadly polarisation of society created then is still lingering five years after this unfortunate tragic incidents.

Whilst we understand that no compensation can replace the lives lost and injuries suffered at Marikana, the ANCWL calls on the ANC led government and all parties participating in the discussions regarding compensations to conclude this matter in the interests of the orphans, widows, widowers and the injured. The interest of those directly affected must supersede cheap political point scoring or settling of personal grudges. This matter has dragged on for too long and the ANCWL firmly believes that it is not in the interest of those directly affected.

In remembering the sad incidents of Marikana, the ANCWL appeals to its supporters, members and society in general to unite and remember the fallen and injured heroes and heroines of Marikana for what they stood for. Capital must never be allowed to put the poor and working class against each other. Unity amongst the poor and working class is sacrosanct in defeating exploitation of the workers and communities in particular around farms and mining areas.

The ANCWL appeals to its supporters and members in various labour unions organising in the mining sector to unite to fight for the interests of the workers against the Capital. The interests of the workers must be the bedrock in uniting members of labour unions. The ANCWL further pleads with political parties to unite in advancing the interest of the communities whom the majority are African and women. Populism and demagoguery tendencies will not improve the lives of the poor whom in majority are African and women. All labour unions in the mining sector, political parties and community in general must unite and be at the forefront to demand implementation of the progressive mining charter.

The Marikana incidents must be a lesson to all of us that society must unite against exploitation of the poor and the working class. The animosity that is created by Corporate`s failure to comply to regulations of investing in communities where they operate must be exposed and be tackled by all stakeholders without fear nor favour.The ANCWL calls on the Inter Ministerial committee for Revitalisation of Distressed Mining Communities to intensify the roll out of programs in the identified mining communities.

The ANCWL remembers the injured, fallen heroes and heroines in Marikana and in the mining sectors across the country. The ANCWL calls its supporters and members to work with all the stakeholders at all levels to ensure stability to the livelihood of the most affected which are children and women

Issued by
Meokgo Matuba
ANCWL Secretary General

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