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ANCWL statement on Multichoice decision not to renew its contract with ANN7

ANCWL statement on Multichoice decision not to renew its contract with ANN7

1 February 2018

The African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) is saddened but not surprised by the decision of Multichoice not to renew it's contract with Africa News Network 7 (ANN7) when it ends in August 2018.

Multichoice is economical with the truth on reasons for not renewing the contract with ANN7. The decision is racially and politically motivated. Multichoice has acceded to demands of the white supremacists under the banner of Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) who have campaigning that Multichoice must determinate it's contract with ANN7. Also the decision was taken to please the Democratic Alliance (DA) and it's mercenaries who have been hostile to ANN7 and its staff. Some ANN7 staff have been victims of abuse by DA mercenaries and the advocates of rights to freedom of media never condemn those barbaric acts. Now the same DA mercenaries calls for the so called new TV station to be introduced by Multichoice to absorb the ANN7 staff. The demagoguery call by the mercenaries must be rejected.

The ANN7 is the first black owned television channel in South Africa and what Multichoice must do is to add more black owned TV channels for people to have multiple choices. The ANCWL demands that the ANC led government and other media regulatory bodies ensure that diversity in the media industry is not undermined by the monopolies like Multichoice. Transformation of media industry remains one of the pillars of radical socio-economic transformation.The ANC led government must ensure that the ownership, management and control patterns in the media industry is transformed in favour of majority of black South Africans.

The ANCWL reiterates its support of the fight against fraud and corruption. If there is any corrupt activity committed by ANN7 or any of its staff or previous/current shareholders, the law must take its course. No racially and politically motivated decision should be used to eliminate those carrying different narrative which is not liked by white monopoly capitals and their agents under the disguise of fighting fraud and corruption.

If Multichoice does not rescind it's decision on ANN7, the ANCWL will have no option but to mobilise all sectors of the society against Multichoice. The ANCWL supporters, members and society in general must revolt against Multichoice that will cause job loses and negatively impacts on the lives of ANN7 staff, majority of them being young women.

Issued by:
Meokgo Matuba
ANCWL Secretary General
011 376 1242




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