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Progressive Women’s Movement of South Africa

Progressive Women’s Movement of South Africa

Report of Commission on Platform for Action

Beijing  Platform for action

  1. Economic Issues
    • Embrake on campaign to sensitise financial institutions on challenges women face when they want access funding
    • Moblise business to invest in rural areas, to ensure rural economic and social development
  2. Education
    • Embark on a Skills revolution and Training for development of Women.
    • Conduct an environmental scan to determine the needs.
    • Set up Institution to adress skills requirement as well as training and retraining
    • Ensure that a target of 50% of women without education acquire
  3. Crime
    • Embrake on multi- faceted programme to fight domestic violence, rape and all forms of violence on women and children.
    • Embrake on programme to engage state to support  in efforts  to strengthen the legislation on Human Trafficing
  4. Patriarchy
    • -Work in close partnerships with House of Traditional Leaders  and their wives.
    • - Fight subordination of women and domination of men
    • - Analyse, understanding all forms of patriarchy and ensure that all governement and societieal programme address patriarchy
  5. Communication
    • Empower women with more gender sensitive communication skills
    • Empowerment of women with life skills through our training and support programme

Key Areas

Strategies and actions

Strategies for Dialogue and collaboration :
Linkages and Networks

Strategies for sharing resource including materials, skills

Strategies to ensure that the most marginalized are at the centre.

Time Frame

Beijing Platform of Action

Need to give report to ward level and also ensure to have percentage of young disabled women

To have quote for young and disable women in all structures and conferences.

Need to categorise women to deal with their specific issues, e.g. unemployment, graduates and drop- outs.

Engage them into learnership programmes and finishing school programmes.
The learners should be placed in workplace uptake as exit strategy.

Graduates should be re-skilled (re-oriented) some need to move into self employment.

Need to develop a programme that is ward base, responding to the needs of communities.

Need to optimise the existing resources within the government machinery. E.g. Female DG. Minister, MEC, Premiers, etc. to benefit rural, young and disabled women.

We need to strengthen our relations with municipal structures in terms of progressive women programmes in rural areas.

→ businesses and also work closely with Department of Trade and Industry other relevant institutions.

d) Empowerment of women in Broad Black Based Economic Empowerment
Campaign for higher percentage and benefit for women in BBBEE implementation procurement.

e)  Need to put a monitoring body in place to monitor BBBEE implementation.

Ensure that the gains attained on representation of women in various position of authority are legislated.

Implication of legislation and policies.

We need to form partnership with women in all sectors e.g. artist, sports, etc.

Need to work very close structures of civil society e.g. SAWID, Women from International level and business women, SAWEN,and forum e.g. GEM
Developing programme that will attract business especially women rural areas to ensure rural investment and development.

Need work with organiser of 2010 World Cup, in order for women to benefit through such events, e.g. include women in infrastructure development, procurement and African artifact and small business trading like sewing & beat work.

Establishment of young women’s forums.

Work with research councils to get statistics on all matters related to women.
Work with TWIB (Technology for women in business) to ensure empowerment of women in technology.
Need to research to measure the impact of our programme.

Coordinate work that we are doing with HIV & AIDS, e. g. with Not for Profit Organisations, to ensure maximum impact.

Proactive actions that deal with rape victims, and ensure that there is after for women who were raped.

Skills for women  through SETA’s to acquire and benefit form all programmes of ASGI-SA (Cooperatives)

Work with people with disabilities and organisation to ensure maximum participation.

Establishment of educational institutions for women, and encourage the sprite of voluntarism amongst our student.

Engage and support women to support women which do not education, e.g. each one teach one.

Link with Presidential Women Advisory council, for consultation and networking, broadening representation to include progressive women’s movement representatives.

Encourage white women who were in consultation with our women in exile to join the PWMSA.

Conducting workshops to openly discuss issues patriarchy.

Need to do door –to-door, road shows for rural women.

Language appropriate documents.
Radio stations to be used to increase mobilization strategies.

Strengthen the provision of transport in farm school to enable access.


Mid year reports.

Annual reports on progress made.

Social upliftment

Issues of reproductive health and teenage pregnancies.
Need to work close with structures of civil society e.g. imigalelo, faith based organizations.
Need to work very close structures of civil society e.g. SAWID, SAWIC,SAWIMA, SAWEN,and forum e.g. GEM, Women from International level, all women in corporate world and business

Working with existing progressive male networks with “male activist” and man as partners that work with projects of violence against women and HIV & AIDS

Engage the state organs to ensure access to scarce skills. e. g. Engineering and Social Workers

Human research institutions and legal fraternities and organizations, to ensure legal literacy.
Research councils like HSRC, CSIR, ARC etc.


Utilization of Imbizo programmes focusing on women.
Cascading the women living with disability forums.

Every two years

Crime and Human Trafficking

Strengthening legislation on Human trafficking.
Research, would include the raising of awareness and dissemination of information.

Dealing with domestic violence focusing more on schools and institutions of higher learning.

Support the government effort of the enactment human trafficking legislation

Support government effort in transformation of judiciary to ensure effective policing.

International women campaign on issues of women and children atrocities.

Linkages with Community Policing forums for user-friendly services.

To encourage learnership programme through the respective SETA .


Special attention to rural women and communication

Need to document our work.

Most vulnerable women e.g. veterans and displaced women in particular in farming communities.

Strengthening the one million missing mother and orphans and children made vulnerable.

Republishing of the SA constitution in all languages including brail.
Need to embrace on operation “masazane”.
Do environmental scan in rural areas. Directory for women in all sector

Ensure that the engagement of chiefs and chiefs wives in rural areas.

Extend all existing networks in support of women in rural areas.

Encouragement of families to adopt orphans.

Mobilise women to access adult literacy programmes which are intended to provide opportunities.

Strengthen the existing process of moral. regeneration.

Ensure   effective societal and family values.

Work with all rural structures, NGO’s, FBO’s and CBO’s





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